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Are you looking to build a home?  Hilton and Company would like to help you make that dream a reality.  We are not builders, however.  Hilton and Company would work to represent you, the homeowner, handling the legal complexities involved when contracting to build a new home.

We will assist you in finding your lot, picking out your plans, shopping and comparing loans, negotiating with builders to obtain the best quote for building your home, writing the contract to insure you are protected, and following the job through closing to insure that you receive the service you deserve and that all "punch list" items have been adequately completed.

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Building a home can be an overwhelming experience.  Let us take away some of your stress by handling these tedious details.  We guarantee you will be satisfied with our service.  Call us today so we can sit down and start talking about how to turn your dream home into where you live. 

Jimmy Carolina of Carolina Construction Company of Sumter, LLC is our preferred builder and he works out of our office.  He builds in our developed neighborhoods (Oakland Hills, Valley Forge, etc.) and always performs with top levels of diligence and customer service.  Please click on the link below "Custom Built Homes" to view interior and exterior views of homes which Jimmy has built.  He has constructed homes in Stillwater, Timberline Meadows, Lakewood, Foxcroft, Oakland Hills, and many more private lots.  Let Carolina Construction and Hilton and Company fulfill your dream of building. 




Click the link "Available floor-plans" to see some plans we already have on file.  We are able to build you any set of plans you wish.  If you have some picked out, call us today for a free consultation and quote.  If you would like to view ours, see our list below, or visit the link to to find a large database of possible floor-plans.  If you find some you like, I would recommend printing the small set and not purchasing a large set from them.  We have connections with architects who can draw the full set from sample printout at a much more reasonable rate.  Again, if you go with us, the costs of the plans and EVERYTHING throughout construction will be included in the contract price to build.  Call us today to see all that we have to offer!


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