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Land Management


Throughout our involvement with land sales and deriving from our passion with the outdoors, Hilton and Company, through an affiliate organization Cane Savannah Land Management Co. is able to provide our client's access to land management services at very reasonable rates.



You may ask what is land management?  Land management, in our opinion, is maximizing the economic worth of your property while enhancing the natural beauty of the property, increasing accessibility to your land, and increasing wildlife habitat and population numbers in the area.


These services include building ponds, constructing roads, maintaining ponds and roads, removing trees and stumps, clearing lots, grading lots, installing driveways, constructing and maintaining food plots and wildlife attraction areas, and much more.

We have ideas to construct a development plan to maximize the productivity and economic value of your land.  We have ideas to increase the recreational enjoyment and accessibility of your property.  We have ideas to do just about whatever you want to your land- or if you don't know what you want, we have ideas that can handle that too.

View the pictures below of some examples of work we offer.  If you are interested in the wildlife we have developed and harvested from our projects, feel free to view those as well.



Call us today for a free consultation, plan, and quote on your property.  We would love to see what you have in mind and what we can offer to help!

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